CEO – Nicholas Stavrinou

CEO – Nicholas Stavrinou

Image Nicholas Stavrinou
SISP Technology CEO – Nicholas Stavrinou

CompressionX: Makes possible, faster

We met with SISP Techonology CEO Nicholas Stavrinou to discuss CompressionX. The ground breaking technology which allows businesses to harness the data processing power of the cloud at the edge. The applications and implications for business are huge.

What does ‘real time’ speed actually mean in terms of big data?

At SISP we thrive on big volumes of data. It is a fact that the greater the amount of data, the better the level of compression we can generate through CompressionX. 

In a recent study we took LIDAR data from an aeroplane that took 305 seconds to gather. We compressed it to a market leading compression ratio, transmitted it (to the cloud) and back again, and then decompressed that data, all in just 200 seconds, much less time than it took to gather it. 

CompressionX has the power to bring the data processing power of the cloud to the edge. (The level of the device that collected it). 

CompressionX offers businesses the opportunity to make cloud computing and data processing instantly accessible at the level of the actual device, consider this in terms of an autonomous vehicle. Even at Level 5 level of autonomy, which is where the vehicle can operate without any human interaction. At the moment this stops at the limit of the vehicle, for example the vehicles won’t crash into each other. They stop and go.

CompressionX technology would allow sensors on the vehicles to gather massive data on everything from the weather, to the traffic flow, even identify if an accident or a crime had occurred close by, all of that data could be analysed in the cloud almost instantaneously and real time decisions made to affect each specific scenario. And, because of our level of compression, all of this could be done with network coverage that was limited to 4G and in cases as low as 3G. 

What is it about big data that makes it such a challenge to businesses?

The easy answer is the obvious one – it’s big, a lot of information in diverse formats and sizes. This makes the data difficult to transmit and process, especially in areas of low connectivity, such as 3G areas for example. Sensors can gather vital information, but if there is only a limited network coverage it’s currently very slow to transmit and then process it.

We’re currently working on a study in which we have delivered 24% better compression than 7Z, and 40% better compression than ZIP. 

To a large corporation that gathers, stores and analyses data, the cost efficiencies associated with CompressionX simply in terms of storage are immediately apparent. This 40% saving on data storage is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the power of CompressionX

What’s the gap now, and why are we prevented from working with big data in real-time?

Mass data is created on the “edge” (at the level of the device) through sensors. 

Much of that data is lost or discarded because it can’t it all be transmitted to the cloud at speed. Our drive is to say to businesses, “keep all of that data” – because CompressionX can compress, transmit, and decompress that data faster than any other technology. This will allow businesses to analyse the data in the cloud, accessing all of the incredible data processing capabilities there. Then compress the data again and transmit it back to the edge (the device). 

At present, something as simple as low bandwidth, or poor signal, can cause slowness and disruption in the processing of data. CompressionX is the bridge that enables sensor data to be processes and delivered back almost instantly. 

How far away are we from achieving this in industry, and what do we need to do to get there?

We’re currently partnering with companies who want to harness the power of CompressionX to transform their businesses. We will have some truly exciting results to share very soon, as we reach the culmination of a significant proof of concept and move to the next phase.

Smarter.  Faster.

SISP technologies are currently working with global, innovative and high growth businesses to demonstrate the impact that CompressionX technology can have on speed of delivery.

If your business uses sensor data from Radar or LIDAR, then we’d like to hear from you. If you’re happy to share your requirement for sensor data, we’ll show you the speed advantage that CompressionX technology can offer.